Mum gutted as manager cancels day off after England loses to Italy in Euro 2020 final

A mum claims she was promised the day off on Monday following the Euro 2020 final, but was left feeling hard done by when her manager changed his mind after England’s loss

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The woman’s boss said their office is “open as normal” after promising a day off (stock photo)

The Euro 2020 final was a heart-breaking day for England fans after the team lost to Italy 3-2 in penalties, but one woman was hit with a double blow after her manager used the result to cancel a previously promised day off.

In a post on Mumsnet, the woman claims she was told on Friday that everyone in her office would be getting a day off on Monday to celebrate the sporting event.

But after England failed to bring home the trophy, her manager sent a message to all his employees telling them “it’s business as usual tomorrow”.

She wrote: “Director of company sent a message to us Friday, saying: ‘As you all know, it’s coming home! Have Monday off. You’re going to need it. Enjoy. All the best, Z.’

England lost to Italy in penalties after finishing 1-1 at full time


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“I was then sent a text this very late evening saying: ‘It’s business as usual tomorrow guys. Shame about the loss. Office is open as normal. Best, Z.’ “

The woman said she had a “tame night” so would be fit to go to work, but had already made plans to enjoy her day off with her mum.

She added: “You don’t text colleagues this at 11 at night? Rude? What on earth is he playing at?

“I’ve had a tame night but was going for lunch tomorrow with my mum.”

Her post attracted over 100 comments, with many telling the mum she is right to be annoyed at the change of plans.

And some even told her not to go to work.

One wrote: “Just switch off your phone and enjoy your day!”

While another said: “Needs more than 24 hours’ notice and what a shame you left your phone in the car by mistake so didn’t see it. Have a lovely lunch with your mum. He made his bed he can lie in it. There will be a few sore heads in the morning.”

And a third person added: “That’s incredibly unprofessional. You don’t tell staff they have the day off then take it back, via text at 11pm!

“Ignore and say you didn’t get it. Have a nice lunch!”

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