Mum hit back at ‘cruel’ trolls who body-shamed her baby – saying she was too big

A mother has taken to TikTok to hit back at trolls who posted ‘cruel’ comments about her daughter, saying that her baby is ‘perfect’ just as she is and doesn’t need to change

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Mother hits back after trolls mention weight of her baby

A mum has hit back at ‘cruel’ trolls who body-shamed her baby – and she insists that her daughter is perfect and all children are different.

Jackie shares videos of her family on TikTok, and was delighted to introduce her followers to baby Stormi, who is now 10-months-old.

But soon she was inundated with hurtful comments, as people shared their thoughts on Stormi’s size, accusing Jackie of feeding her too much.

Now Jackie has created another video to respond to the unhelpful comments and said she is thinking about deleting social media altogether.

Cruel trolls have criticised Jackie’s parenting


Jackie said that Baby Stormi was perfect just as she is


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In the response, Jackie said: “Once again, explaining myself because you are all cruel.

“Her paediatrician is satisfied with her size. She is as healthy as can be and she honestly doesn’t eat much.

“She’s just built perfect chunky.

“Stormi is nursed three times a day for a total of only about five ounces.

“Stormi has three small meals a day, and by small I mean like one baby yoghurt for breakfast or two strawberries and a hard-boiled egg for lunch.

“She eats puffs or cheerios in between, in this video, I think I gave her 15… and this was right before I took her out so you see what she ate.”

Despite her response, some followers were still critical and took to the comment section once again.

One said: “I’ve been saying for years I don’t understand how mums that feed kids like this don’t have CPS in their lives – it’s abuse.”

But other users agreed with Jackie and commented their support.

One commented: “You totally don’t have to justify what your beautiful baby eats. It’s no one’s business but yours. Just enjoy the loves.”

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And another wrote: “If your child was too small you’d be starving her – can we just normalise already that even babies carry weight and grow differently?”

In another video, Jackie described her daughter as ‘perfection’, adding: “Her rolls will go away fast now that she’s getting taller and crawling.

“God I love her so much. Honestly, we may get rid of TikTok.”

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