Mum in stitches after getting a closer look at daughter’s homemade ‘dreamcatcher’

A mum was left howling after getting a closer look at the homemade “dreamcatcher” her eight-year-old daughter had hung up above her bed, which was just a decorated tampon

The mum could barely contain her laughter
The mum could barely contain her laughter

Many parents will love seeing the little crafts their children have been busily working on, although sometimes their works of art can prove surprising. One mum was recently left in stitches after seeing the creation her eight-year-old daughter had so carefully put together, with the main material looking very familiar indeed.

The little girl had told her mother she’d made a dream catcher, however – as one person has since quipped – a “dream absorber” might be more accurate. Much to her amusement, the mum soon realised that the dreamcatcher was in fact a tampon fixed above her daughter’s headboard, decorated with what appears to be colourful felt tip.

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Taking to TikTok where she goes by the username @renaesmiler, mum Renae Smiler shared footage of herself entering her daughter’s room, unable to contain her giggles as she checked out the unique, multi-purpose dream catcher.

Giving her an “A+ for creativity”, Renae joked that her daughter wouldn’t be quite so pleased and proud with her artwork “in a few years when she finds out what it is”.

She gave her daughter an “A+ for creativity”



The video has been viewed more than 915.2k times and counting, and many of Renae’s followers have been left howling at the “adorable” youngster’s resourcefulness.

One person laughed: “I mean, it’s def made to catch something.. but just not in that way”, while another deadpanned that the creation would no doubt “soak up all the negative energy.”

A third approved: “That is a profound piece of art right there. I’m not even joking, keep it and give it to her at 35.”

Others recalled similarly innocent instances from their own childhoods, with one woman reminiscing: “Love this. Many uses, I made a nest with a few for Easter Bunny to leave eggs in as a kid.”

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