Mum leaves sister-in-law furious over baby name choice – as she ‘called dibs’ on it

A mum is warring with her sister-in-law after she chose a baby name that her relative previously ‘called dibs’ on – even though she has ‘no plans’ to have kids yet

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The woman wants to use a name her sister-in-law has ‘called dibs’ on (stock photo)

When it comes to picking a traditional baby name for your child, you have to come to terms with the fact that there will probably be plenty of other little ones that share the same moniker – especially if it’s a name that regularly makes it into the top baby names of a given year.

But one mum on Reddit has been left baffled after her sister-in-law’s reaction to her baby name, as she claimed it was one she had already “called dibs” on, despite not being pregnant or planning to start a family.

The mum explained she had initially told her relative about her love for the name Olivia when she was pregnant with her first child several years ago, and had watched her sister-in-law get “upset” because she had wanted to use the name herself.

Plans to use the name changed when the mum welcomed a baby boy, and although she later had a baby girl, she opted to use a different name.

Her sister-in-law has no plans to have kids any time soon (stock photo)


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Now, the mum is pregnant with her third baby and is considering circling back to Olivia if the impending arrival is another girl – but her sister-in-law is still kicking up a fuss.

In her post, she said: “When I was pregnant with my first child, my sister-in-law had asked me what names we were thinking of. So I told her a list of names, one of them being Olivia.

“She got immediately upset and told me she wanted to name her baby that and had always liked the name. My sister-in-law was not even in a relationship at this time. Similar situation for me, it has always been a name I loved, and my husband also loves the name.

“Husband and I argued about it and he said I was being unreasonable and that there were other names I liked and could use. Our baby was a boy so, of course, we did not use the name.

“On my second baby, my sister-in-law asked me daily what baby names I was considering but to save any aggravation I told her I would be keeping them to myself this time. We had a girl but opted for a different name.”

The woman’s sister-in-law is now in a relationship but has “no plans” to have children in the near future so still won’t be using Olivia as a baby name any time soon – so the mum is determined to use it herself.

She added: “Fast forward to now I am expecting number 3. My sister-in-law is in a relationship now but has no plans to have kids in the near future. If we have a girl this time I want to use the name as I feel it works beautifully with my two other children’s names.

“I feel it’s unreasonable of her to call dibs on a name that we both loved. We otherwise get along great and always have but the first time I mentioned using the name she didn’t speak to me for two weeks. My husband totally agreed with my sister-in-law last time, so I just want some outside perspective.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were baffled by the post, with many saying you don’t get to “call dibs” on a baby name or dictate what other people call their children.

One person said: “You don’t get to call lifelong dibs on a name and dictate what other mothers get to name their children.”

While another added: “No one owns a name, but I would consider if you love the name enough to deal with the aggravation your petty sister-in-law will cause if you use it.”

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