Mum left in stitches after son ‘gets in trouble’ for smuggling toaster to school in bag

Mum Elisa Stone Leahy was left in stitches after learning what her thirteen-year-old son Mateo had got up to at school, and his cheeky antics resulted in an unexpectedly kind gesture

Elisa Stone Leahy
Author Elisa Stone Leahy shared the story on Twitter

We can all agree that school dinners can often be very disappointing.

From dubious sausages to watery mashed potatoes, they often leave a lot to be desired.

So when Mateo Stone Leahy, 13, decided to pack a toaster in his rucksack, so he could make Pop-Tarts at school for lunch, lots of people were on his side.

His mum and author Elisa shared his hilarious antics on Twitter – where it quickly went viral and sparked an unexpected chain of kindhearted donations.

She shared: “Apparently my kid got in trouble today for PACKING OUR TOASTER IN HIS BACKPACK and pulling it out at lunch to make pop tarts for his class. I can’t stop laughing.

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The toaster and the bag he used to smuggle it in with


Elisa Stone Leahy)

Mateo’s antics left people in hysterics


Elisa Stone Leahy)

She continued: “Ok, I hear that the teacher actually only told him not to “make a habit of it.” So I wonder how many times makes a habit? I also wonder if I should hide the popcorn popper…

“Got a bit more detail of the incident: he took his backpack to the lunchroom, found a spot by an outlet, pulled out the toaster, set it on the seat next to him and proceeded to toast pop tarts and pass them around. We only had enough at home for his table. He didn’t charge.

“Honestly, that toaster is on its last legs. I’m not sure how it survived the trip.

“I bought those #PopTarts because our kitchen is being repaired and all our meals are coming from the microwave and the toaster at the moment. I guess he saw how many we had and figured we had plenty to share!”

Her viral tweets sparked a kindhearted gesture – as people who found the story funny donated to their local food banks in honour of the cheeky joke.

And Pop-Tarts got in touch offering to donate treats to Mateo’s school, while also making a donation to the charity ‘No Kid Hungry’.

Describing her son, Elisa added: “He’s 13, a man of few words, a bit of a prankster, very sweet. A few yrs ago someone gave him $100 as a gift when he started cancer treatment.

“He asked to go buy Lego sets that he could give to other kids in the hospital. 5 years later, he’s just as sweet and no signs of cancer.”

In a follow-up tweet, Elisa said her son’s teacher wasn’t too unhappy about the situation, as she wrote: “Talked to the teacher at the school today finally.

“He definitely said he does not encourage the behaviour but he also was laughing. I probably shouldn’t buy him a larger toaster then…”

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