Mum ‘losing her mind’ over her toddler’s annoying dog-like behaviour

The mum has taken to Reddit to vent her frustrations at her two-year-old pretending to be a dog – she says her child will only answer her with ‘woofs’ and only requests ‘dog snacks’ when she’s peckish

Her two-year-old daughter has pretended to be a dog for three weeks
Her two-year-old daughter has pretended to be a dog for three weeks

When it comes to raising a child, parents must try their best to have patience and understanding with their little ones.

But one mum has reached her wits’ end with her two-year-old who has been pretending to be a dog none stop for three weeks.

Sharing her frustrations on Reddit, the mum explained how her child hasn’t had much exposure to dogs but started her canine behaviour after spending time with her grandparent’s pet.

She said: “As soon as we left their home my daughter has been pretending to be a dog ever since.

“Literally from when I get her up in the morning. I say ‘good morning’ and she answers ‘woof woo'” until she goes to bed at night. I ask ‘do you want a snack?’ and she answers ‘a dog treat’.

“She only wants to read dog books and only wants to watch this one episode of Sesame Street with a dog.”

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The woman cannot wait for her child’s dog phase to pass


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However, it isn’t only in the house where the two-year-old carries out her dog act, as she continued it in the supermarket, much to the embarrassment to her mum.

The woman added: “The supermarket cashier asked her if she wanted a sticker and she replied ‘woof woof!”.

Admitting she is “losing her God damn mind”, the woman has asked other parents whether their toddlers went through a similar stage – and, most importantly, how long it lasted.

She asked: “I know I’m going to laugh about this one day, but my God, this has gotten old. Like, surely this can’t go on any longer, right? Can anyone relate?”

While most users laughed at her two-year-old’s antics, others chimed in with their own stories about their little ones pretending to be various animals.

One user said: “We had a ‘cat’, actually our toddler boy, for a while. Day in and day out for months.

“I think I finally did go insane because one day I announced to him that I was also now a cat.

“It took two days of me only meowing at him instead of talking before he decided he wanted me to act normal again and suddenly he could speak again too.

“He’d still want to play cat sometimes, but never to that extent again thank God.”

Another user added: “Oh my God! We are hardcore in the cat phase over here.

“My three-year-old has even taken to walking all over me and my lap, like our cat does. Except for the fact that he is 37 pounds and not a seven pound cat. Help!”

A third user said: “My two-year-old (almost three) has been pretending to be a dog for at least a year and a half.

“It’s not constantly but on a regular basis. If she won’t listen, I give her a dog command and then she listens.

“I hate playing baby and dolls so I’ll take dog. But noisy barking or whining dogs live outside.

“We have the paw patrol books, biscuit books, puppy dog pals books. We have the paw patrol clothes and regularly watch the show and movie.

“Last year for Christmas, she got like eight stuffed dogs In various forms.”

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