Mum shares £6.50 shampoo hack for when she can’t afford to get her hair done

A mum turned to the internet for some advice on how to fix her hair as she couldn’t afford to pay for another professional colour – and people shared their top tips

A hair colourist, a man using a paintbrush to cover sections of a woman's blonde hair.
She can’t afford to go to the salon (stock photo)

Amid the current cost of living crisis, many people are having to make big lifestyle changes in order to be able to afford rising prices at shops and to cover energy bill hikes – and don’t even get me started on rent and mortgage payments.

As such, many people might be foregoing little luxuries like having their hair dyed at the salon. One mum has admitted she’s unable to afford this currently and has turned to the people of the internet for advice on how she can “fix” her hair as her colour is coming out and isn’t looking its best.

Some said their hairdressers swear by Fanola shampoo

Many people recommended using purple shampoo (stock photo)


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Taking to the online parenting forum, Mumsnet, the anonymous woman explained that she wouldn’t be able to go to the hairdresser any time soon.

She wrote: “I have naturally dark hair with quite a lot of blonde highlights/colour through it. My roots are horrendous but I can’t afford to get it done again any time soon. The blonde has also gone very orange and brassy in colour.

“My hairdresser mentioned something about a purple toner or shampoo that could help counter this? Which one should I use? Does anyone have any recommendations? I’m going out at the weekend and just need something to pick me up a bit.”

Several users came to the woman’s aid, with some even recommending a product from their hairdresser.

Some recommended the mum purchase a bottle of Fanola ‘no yellow’ purple shampoo – which currently costs around £6.50 on Amazon for 100ml.

One person replied: “Personally I don’t use it, but a lot of hairdressers swear by one by Fanola. When I was blonde I used one by L’Oréal and it was great too.

“It’s a shampoo, you should notice a difference immediately. Use it until you get your desired result, then only use it every few washes. I think it works by depositing pigment to neutralise the brass.”

Another agreed, adding: “Fanola or Morroccan oil Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo are the best. Make sure you deep condition after as purple shampoo makes your hair dry.”

Someone else recommended: “I swear by Shrine drop it toner – simply add a couple of drops to your usual conditioner. There are loads of different shades too. I have dark blonde hair with an ombré and it keeps the yellow tones away completely. Also found it doesn’t dry my hair out either.”

Do you have a suggestion? Let us know in the comments below.

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