Murray Leads Nuggets’ Comeback, Clippers Crush Mavs


For quite a while, the Denver Nuggets looked like they were going to lose Game 5 of their series with the Utah Jazz on Tuesday night. Down as many as 15 points and looking woeful defensively and simply not good enough on offense, their NBA Playoffs run appeared to be coming to an end. But in stepped Jamal Murray. For the second consecutive game, he showed why he’s one of the most underrated stars in the league.

The Athletic

He would end up scoring 42 points in total, 33 of which came in the an awe-inspiring second half performance. While the rest of the team played much better defensively in the second half, his scoring was crucial in leading the charge to get extend the series to a Game 6. He and Nikola Jokic, who added 31 points of his own, played every single minute in the second half, as Denver knew this was their playoff life. It paid off, and they are now down 3-2 rather than out. In the night cap, the Los Angeles Clippers didn’t play around with the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5 of their series, crushing them from the get-go and recording a 154-111 win in the end. ‘Playoff P’ Paul George finally had a game to get the haters off his shoulders, as scored a game-high 35 points. Kawhi Leonard also had 32, while Luka Doncic scored ‘just’ 22 in the Mavs’ losing effort.

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