‘My boss sacked me after finding my OnlyFans – but now I earn up to £540 a day’

A former marketing manager claims she was sacked after her boss found out about her OnlyFans account. However, she’s been “much happier” since turning to adult content creation full-time

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TikToker is fired after her boss finds out about her OnlyFans

Former marketing manager Annabelle Knight started up an OnlyFans account back in September 2020, hoping to save enough money to get on the property ladder.

However, she never anticipated just how successful her side project would be.

Within the space of just one month, Annabelle, from Brisbane, Australia, raked in thousands of pounds. She continued to pursue her lucrative side hustle for the next 18 months in addition to her full-time job, bringing in an extra £1,000 each month on average.

However, everything changed when – less than one week after starting a new marketing role – the 25-year-old was sacked after a colleague reportedly came across her X-rated content and told on her.

Annabelle believes one of her colleagues told over her to their boss


Jam Press/@anniekknight)

She had no idea her account would be so successful


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Looking back on her dismissal, Annabelle is now quite pleased about how things turned out, with her earnings now adding up to around £540 a day.

Annabelle said: “I am pleased to [have been fired] an extent, I’m a lot happier now and have a lot more freedom. I’m earning a considerable amount more now than I was at the other job.

“The morning of the firing I was asked if I had any other side businesses and I said no, assuming she [my manager] meant retail side businesses that were tax-deductible.

“I also couldn’t think of how she’d found my OnlyFans as at that stage it was completely unsearchable and I’d capped my fans at around 1,000 where they’d been sitting for about a year. I was sent an email giving me an opportunity to explain myself. They’d written all the reasons why they thought I deserved to have my position terminated. I couldn’t believe it”.

Annabelle has explained that she was given three reasons for her firing, which included publishing content to “an online site with pornographic images”, carrying out business without her employer’s approval, and “falsely advising” her company she had no side sources of income.

She believes that one of her co-workers was among her subscribers and that they were the one to show their boss her spicy pictures.

Annabelle continued: “I didn’t promote my OnlyFans anywhere so I can only assume that someone at my work was subscribed to my OnlyFans and sent the evidence into my boss. It made me furious that someone at the company who subscribed to my page then re-shared my content”.

She went on to add that “a simple conversation would have sufficed.

Although the firing came as a shock, Annabelle is now pulling in much more money than she did previously, as she previously earned AUD $88,000 a year (approx £48,000) at her old marketing job, while she now makes up to $30,000 a week (approx £16,350), and only has to work around six hours a day.

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