‘My boyfriend says I’ve smelled bad for years – I’m mortified he didn’t tell me sooner’

A woman has been left reeling after her partner of four years recently confessed that he thought she smelled and she couldn’t believe he hadn’t said something sooner

Woman looking disgusted and holding her nose
She can’t believe he didn’t tell her sooner (stock photo)

A woman has found herself in an upsetting situation with her partner after he admitted his thoughts on her body odour for the first time in the four years they’d been together.

Mortified that he hadn’t said something sooner and also self-conscious that other people might have felt the same way, the unnamed girlfriend turned to the internet for some advice.

She took to Mumsnet to explain the issue she was having and many people were quick to reassure her they’d experienced similar body problems and share tips to combat it.

She wrote: “Partner of four years has told me I smell. He said it in a polite way as if trying to help me.

“I’m 26 and tbh I’ve always known I sweat a lot under my arms but his comment has hit home that other people probably think I smell too.

The woman was getting seriously annoyed at the fact she was sweating (stock photo)


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“I work in an office and I often find that 10 minutes into putting on a work top, I have sweat patches under my arms and I smell; even if I wear a black blouse, I’m uncomfortable as the armpit area is absolutely soaked through even though nobody else can see it through the black.

“I finally hit breaking point today wearing a pink sleeveless shirt as it was hot. I thought since it was sleeveless that there was no way sweat patches would occur. I was wrong. After driving to work and going to the staff toilet first thing in the morning, I lifted my arms up to see sweat on the material just under the armpits.

“I’ve also resorted to regularly using work toilet soap to wash under my arms every two hours; I still smell. Nobody has told me I smell, but I can smell myself so I try not to stand too close to people.

“Anyway, I got home and just told my boyfriend that I think I sweat more than average and he agreed and said he’s noticed I’ve smelt for years. I’m mortified since if he’s noticed then probably everyone in work thinks I smell.

“I’m fit, go on lots of walks, vegetarian, so I don’t understand why I sweat so much?”

People took to the comments to offer kind advice – and share particular brands of deodorants that seem to work best.

One said: “I would go to your GP. There are treatments for excessive sweating. Until you can get seen I know a friend swears by Mitchum as a deodorant/antiperspirant, have you tried that?”

Another wrote: “Sweating and smelling are different.

“Some obvious pointers:

  • wash your towels and bed sheets frequently
  • ditto clothes especially bras and tops each time you wear them
  • only natural fabrics not synthetics
  • make sure you are fully dry after showering before putting on any clothes
  • deodorant works – get a roll on”

Someone else added: “Oh love. Try not to feel too embarrassed. This is a medical issue, many people have medical issues they hide or struggle with. Maybe this is your prompt to get treatment. I’m glad your boyfriend was kind about it.”

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