‘My boyfriend wants me to treat him like a dog – I love him but it’s weird’

The man has taken to Reddit to explain how his 19-year-old boyfriend loves it when he treats him like a dog – he has started feeding in to it and giving him belly rubs when he exhibits positive behaviour

He praises his boyfriend with treats and tummy rubs
He praises his boyfriend with treats and tummy rubs

When you move in with a new partner, you learn who they truly are as a person – but this doesn’t always mean you’re prepared for what you find out.

A man has discovered he is dating the “human version of a golden retriever ” as his 19-year-old boyfriend loves to be treated like a dog, tummy rubs and all.

Although he doesn’t mind his partner’s “pretty unique behaviour”, he has questioned whether it is “normal” and something he should continue to play in to.

Speaking to Reddit, the man said: “All in all, he is a really affectionate guy, but his overall personality just reminds me of a giant dog.

“He’s super affectionate, super smiley, and always looking for my affection.

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He claims his boyfriend is the ‘human version of a golden retriever’


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“He will cheer up massively if I praise him and if he’s ever sulking, all I need to do to cheer him up is cuddle him.”

Explaining how he has previously fed in to his dog-like behaviour, the man says he rewards his boyfriend with praise for simply doing the washing up or eating his vegetables.

And his partner usually wants this praise in the form of treats or tummy rubs.

He added: “He will sulk if I don’t pay him enough attention, not in a manipulative way, but just in an ‘I was waiting for you all day, your work takes so long, I miss you come hug me’ way.

“I know sometimes when I leave and he’s out of stuff to do he will literally just sit and wait for me to come back.

“If I ask him to get me water, the paper. whatever at any hour he’ll do it, even if he grumbles a bit.

“But he’s the opposite outside our relationship which is the funny thing.

“Now, obviously, I don’t take advantage of that in any way and I do stuff for him too. The amount of time I spend spoiling him with affection and random stuff he wants is crazy but I love it.

‘My boyfriend acts like an overexcited puppy, I don’t have a problem with this, I am just curious if anyone else has had a relationship like this/what you think of it.

“It’s just personally amusing, I love him very much, but damn is he like a puppy.”

While most users praised the man for accepting his boyfriend’s “unusual behaviour”, others confessed their partners also like being treated like animals.

One user said: “Some people are dogs, and some people are cats. If his constant need for attention/affection is bothering you then it may be time to reassess the compatibility of your relationship.”

Another user added: “I don’t see what the problem is unless it annoys you.”

A third user said: “If you don’t mind it and he likes it when you feed in to it and treat him like a puppy, then there’s no harm in continuing what you’re doing.

“You don’t need to ‘fix’ or change something that other people may find weird. If it works for you two, and it’s not hurting anybody, then carry on with it.”

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