‘My brother banned my five-year-old from his wedding so now I refuse to go’

A man on Reddit has shared how he’s refused to go to his own brother’s wedding, after he was told his five-year-old son would be the only child in the family who wasn’t invited

Anyone who is married will tell you that planning a wedding is hard work. There’s the venue, the food, the rings, the dress, but arguably most difficult of all, the guestlist.

Deciding who can and can’t come to your wedding is basically a process of ranking the people in your life in terms of who is most important and therefore should receive an invite.

So, you can understand why someone might be hurt when they aren’t allowed to take their own child to their brother’s wedding due to an order from the bride.

That’s exactly what has happened to a 27-year-old man, who took to Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum after his brother informed him that his five-year-old son Jason wasn’t invited to his wedding, because his bride-to-be doesn’t like the child’s mum. Poor kid.

Jason, 5, was the only child not invited to the wedding (stock image)


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To provide a little bit of context, the man explained that he went to school with his brother’s fiancée Tara, who was in the year below him. They also both went to the same school as his ex-girlfriend, who is the mother of his child.

“My ex and my brother’s girlfriend hated each other. They were on the same drill team and I think they were jealous of each other, it was some old bulls*** petty high school rivalry,” he added. “Then I guess it got bad because they were both crushing on the same guy and he got with my ex after he rejected Tara.”

The man went on to explain that while he and his ex dated for a bit in college, they weren’t together for long and they split up right before Jason was born. The five-year-old lives with his dad full time and sees his mum from time to time, but the man and his ex don’t have anything to do with each other.

While he confessed he hasn’t spent much time with Tara since she and his brother got together a year ago, he was completely baffled when his brother called to say Jason was not invited, despite their other siblings’ children all being asked to go.

“He said Tara didn’t like Jason being there at their wedding, even though they’ve never met before, because he’s the son of my ex,” he explained.

“She just doesn’t like the idea of her sworn enemy’s son being at her wedding. I didn’t think he was serious because that was all years ago and we’re adults now. My ex isn’t even in our lives so it’s not like she’ll be there.”

The man said his brother begged and pleaded with him to just go along with it to keep the bride happy, despite the fact he obviously wasn’t happy about his own son not being invited.

“I said fine, but if my son isn’t allowed at the wedding then I won’t be going either. Now my brother is the one mad at me for turning this into a big deal because he wants his family there,” he continued, adding that his parents also thought it was ridiculous.

The man turned to Reddit to question whether he was being reasonable in saying he wouldn’t go to the wedding, or whether he should just agree and not make a big deal out of it.

“If it was a no kids event then I would say no biggie but since kids are allowed, the bride is being an a**hole. It’s not your son’s fault that the bride has something against his mother,” one Reddit user commented.

“Good on you for standing up for your son. I know this might be a slippery slope fallacy but if you allow it for the wedding, what else is she going to exclude your son from? It just doesn’t make much sense on her end.”

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