‘My child has a fever but I want to take him abroad – we deserve a holiday’

The woman seemed annoyed that her son was unwell before they were due to go on holiday – but she didn’t know what to do so asked for advice on whether it was fine for him to fly with a fever

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Her son had a fever and she didn’t know what to do (Stock Image)

It seems as though everybody has been acutely aware of their health since the peak of the Covid pandemic, and what we may have brushed off as a ‘bit of a sniffle’ previously, we’re taking a lot more seriously nowadays and seeking advice for things we might not have bothered with before.

One woman took to Mumsnet to ask for people’s advice about her son who had a fever. She explained that they were meant to fly and stay with friends and meet up with other people, but it seemed as though she was having second thoughts because of his health.

The woman didn’t know what to do for the best (Stock Image)


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She wrote: “Meant to be flying for a five-day holiday on Thursday but my four-year-old is now running a fever of 38.7.

“He is cranky because of the temperature and is complaining that swallowing hurts. What do people usually do, still travel and hope it passes or cancel?

“We were meant to be staying with friends and visiting other people. Ah, I can’t believe he is sick just as we are meant to be going away!”

The post sparked a fierce debate about whether travelling when unwell is the right thing to do or not.

One wrote: “You will get 100 people saying they would cancel but if all that’s all that is wrong is that he’s a bit warm and cranky, I would go. Give him some Calpol and plenty to drink.”

Another suggested considering the variables, writing: “Who are you staying with and are they vulnerable? Is this a long-awaited trip, or a regular event? Are you insured and could you do something nice instead closer to home if you cancel? I think my decision would take all those things into account.”

Others suggested a Covid test prior to travel, saying: “I’d do a Covid test. I’d go if negative but wouldn’t if positive. I’d not want to risk causing long Covid for someone – it’s disabling and life-changing.”

Another wrote: “Been there with my daughter. We went to urgent care, swab revealed it was strep throat and were given antibiotics. We asked the doctor’s advice and they said it was ok to travel because she wouldn’t be contagious after 24 hours on the antibiotics apparently. I wouldn’t go if he was still unwell Thursday and you didn’t know what it was.”

Someone else said: “Honestly no. Having had kids come down with both Covid and chicken pox while we’ve been on holiday… it’s miserable for them, stressful for you and a nightmare if it gets serious.

“And more importantly it’s just totally irresponsible to take a sick person (child or adult) through busy areas like airports if you don’t have to.”

Would you take your child abroad if they had a fever? Let us know in the comments.

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