‘My daughter hates her name and is desperate to change it – I’m devastated’

Names are an important part of a person’s identity, but if your 13-year-old came to you and said they wanted to change the name you’d chosen for them, what would you do?

Mum and daughter arguing
The woman’s daughter was trying to persuade her to let her change her name (Stock Image)

Some parents spend months picking out the perfect name for their little ones and it can be difficult to settle on the right one.

So it was understandable that after taking the time to come up with a name for her daughter, one mum was devastated when her teen said she wanted to change her name because ‘no one her age is called it.’

Her 13-year-old’s name is Elizabeth and she explained on Mumsnet that she chose it because it’s a ‘classic, no-nonsense name.’

But her daughter doesn’t approve, calling it ‘old-fashioned.’

The mum wrote: “She wants to change her name to a popular name when she was born she suggested Emily because according to her it’s the most popular name in my generation and it’s cool.

The mum said her daughter wanted to be called Emily, not Elizabeth (Stock Image)


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“I’m just not sure what to do it’s really upsetting her feeling like she’s embarrassed of her name, to be honest I’m more upset because Elizabeth is such a timeless name I never thought she would even want to change it.

“She will probably get over it when she’s older and gets passed the teen stage. What should I do? Should I let her change her name or just make her carry on with having a name she hates?”

Some mums suggested that she choose a nickname from Elizabeth, such as Lizzie or Lily, rather than completely change her name.

One wrote: “With so many nicknames for Elizabeth, I’d encourage her to maybe explore them first before going down the route of changing her name entirely.”

Another said: “I’d let her be called whatever she wants, but definitely no legal changes until she’s 18 and has used the new chosen name for a few years.

“At this age, she’s just exploring who she wants to be and no one should keep a name they didn’t get a choice in just because their parents like/chose it (that’s just my opinion though, obviously everyone has different parenting styles and I’m not saying anyone else’s differing opinion is wrong!).”

“Aw original poster this must be so hard to hear. And I can understand you feeling torn between keeping her name as the one you chose and her changing it”, someone else sympathised.

Would you let your child change their name if they didn’t like it? Let us know in the comments.

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