‘My daughter’s friend is taking the day off to enjoy the sun – should I let her too?’

The temptation to just sack off work when the sun finally decides to shine is real – but would you really let your child take the day off just to enjoy the weather?

The daughter argued her mum was unfair for not letting her take time off to enjoy the sun (Stock Image)

The weather is currently glorious, and it’s a rare occasion, so we want to get outside and enjoy it as much as we can.

We’re dreaming of it all: picnics in the park, reading in an outside area of a chic cafe, heading to the beach to dip our toes into the sea.

Sadly though, as much as we wish we could take days off to enjoy the good weather, we just can’t.

This is why one mum was left upset after her daughter’s friend was allowed a day off and took to Mumsnet to explain why.

In the brief post, she explained that her daughter’s friend had been allowed to take the day off school because her mum is taking her and her sister to the beach because it’s sunny.

Her daughter’s friend was allowed to take the day off (Stock Image)


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This subsequently caused problems in the household of the original poster, because the mum was branded as unfair.

She took to the forum to see whether other parents thought she was being unreasonable to not allow her daughter to do the same.

She wrote: “[My daughter] is 14, year 9. She’s just had a message from her best friend to say she won’t be in school today as her mum is taking her and her younger sister to the beach for the day.

“Cue [daughter] saying how cool the mum is and how unfair it is that I never let her miss school for fun stuff. I’ve got to work and even if I didn’t I still wouldn’t let her do it.”

“You are being unreasonable – it’s a beautiful day, one day off school won’t make a difference. You are not being unreasonable- school is important and you can’t skive off just because the weathers nice.”

The post provoked a mixed reaction, with some highlighting how important education is at that age, to some having a more chilled approach to their child’s schooling.

One wrote: “Think at that age it’s important they attend. I’m all for having fun with the kids but where do you draw the line, snow days, beach days. Although everyone’s circumstances are different.”

Others suggested not telling the truth: “I would be tempted but I’d say they were unwell rather than be honest about it!”

“I think it’s nice so long as it’s not expected and it doesn’t happen all the time. Missing one Friday to go to the beach won’t destroy her education!

“I’d certainly do it for my kids as long as it wasn’t expected and they knew it wasn’t a regular thing”, another weighed in.

Others took a stricter approach to the situation: “I wouldn’t do it even if could as they do need to learn they can’t just take a day off when it’s hot or cold or raining or whatever. People still have to go to work in sweltering heat.”

Would you let your child take the day off if it was hot? Let us know in the comments.

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