‘My fiancé wants my scar edited out of our wedding photos – he says it’s a flaw’

A bride-to-be has been left fuming after her fiancé said she should have her facial scar edited out of their wedding photos – because he wants them to be ‘flawless’

A bride and groom arguing on their wedding day
The bride-to-be’s partner wants their wedding photos to be ‘flawless’ (stock photo)

There’s a huge amount of pressure put on engaged couples for their wedding day to be perfect in every way – but everyone has a different view on what their ideal wedding looks like, and all that really matters is celebrating the pair that are tying the knot.

However, that message hasn’t quite sunk in with one woman’s fiancé, as he’s been trying to convince her that they need to have their wedding photos heavily edited when they finally get married.

Sharing her story on Reddit, the woman revealed she has a scar on her face and claimed her fiancé is so determined to have their photos be “flawless” that he wants it photoshopped out – leaving the bride-to-be stunned that her partner apparently thinks the mark is a “flaw” on her skin.

Her fiancé thinks she’s being ‘sensitive for no reason’ (stock photo)


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She said: “Me and my fiancé Aaron are getting married soon. We’re done with wedding planning, although my future mother-in-law basically disagreed with every arrangement we had.

“Aaron and I were discussing the wedding photos and the facial scar that I got in my early 20s came up, and Aaron suggested that we have this area of my face photoshopped. I laughed, thinking he was joking, but he said it was for real.

“I was taken aback, but he explained that this is what photoshopping is for and that these are wedding photos that last for years and he’d rather them be flawless.

“I looked at him and asked if he sees my face as a flaw, he immediately apologised and said absolutely not, but it’s just that all couples point out what should and should not be photoshopped to get the best wedding photos.

“He then admitted it was his mum’s suggestion and he saw that she had a point this time.”

The woman then got into an argument with her partner, who claimed she was being “too sensitive for no reason” as he just wanted to make sure the “overall look of the photos” was perfect.

But the bride-to-be has refused to have her scar photoshopped, as she is proud of the way she looks and isn’t interested in covering it up for her wedding pictures.

She added: “I refused and we began fighting, Aaron said that I was being a huge overreactor and that it’s not about the scar itself, but the overall look of the photos and I was being too sensitive for no reason.

“I had an argument with my future mother-in-law after she nicely tried to talk me into considering it, most of the women in the family agreed with her and Aaron and said this is what photoshopping is for, and lots of people do it because they’re not happy with a certain area in their appearance.

“I told them I’m different because I’m not bothered by my appearance nor do I want to change it for any reason or occasion for that matter. They went on to say I need therapy for me to cope with my past trauma but I don’t think my refusal has anything to do with it.

“Aaron is visibly upset with my response. He said he loves me no matter what and it was ridiculous of me to be so hung up on this non-issue and holding it against him and his family who want what’s best for me. I don’t know if this is just my past insecurities popping up and I’m not sure if I’m overreacting and getting offended for no reason.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were left baffled by the fiancé’s actions and said there was no reason the woman should have her scar edited out of her photos.

One person said: “I can’t believe they thought that was appropriate to suggest. I’m sure it took you years to accept your scars and to suggest you ‘photoshop’ them is so unbelievably tone-deaf.”

While another added: “I have massive scars in various places on my body and many of them are openly visible in my wedding photos.

“One of my in-laws made the same awful suggestion about photoshop and my husband shut her down by pointing out we wanted the photos to be of us not some perfect, unrealistic image of us.

“I’m so sorry your fiancé and his family are shallow enough to think that photos of you as you are aren’t good enough.”

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