‘My friend didn’t invite my child to her daughter’s birthday party – I’m fuming’

A woman is miffed that her friend didn’t invite own child to a seven-year-old’s birthday – despite the pair being close since birth and born within just weeks of each other

Little girl blowing out birthday candles surrounded by her friends
The woman is ‘irritated’ that her child wasn’t invited to the birthday party (stock photo)

A woman was left raging after a friend from her post-natal class didn’t invite her child to her daughter’s birthday party despite being close since birth.

The seven-year-old celebrated her birthday surrounded by her pals but the mum was miffed that her own child was missing from the celebrations.

After the parent plastered photos of the child’s party across Facebook, the woman took to popular forum Mumsnet to fume about the cruel ordeal and lack of invitation.

The woman explained: “I do think this is probably trivial of me but it’s really irritated me and need views on if I’m just petty.”

The children were born within weeks of each other (stock photo)


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She went on: “Four friends since children were all born within weeks of each other. Not NCT but similar, met at local post-natal class.

“Three of the four of us always generous – hosted Christmas parties or playdates across the years. And held birthday parties, which all four children were all always invited to over last seven years (bar covid year), despite them being at different nurseries and now schools.

“So friend four has always benefited from bowling, soft play you name it – but always said she didn’t like to have to host (beautiful house)!

“And didn’t believe in parties for her daughter until they were old enough to remember them as adults – but happy to come to all of ours, including in the last few months

“Pictures all over Facebook today of her daughter’s massive birthday party, disco, entertainment the lot – and not one of the four children invited.”

“Am I being unreasonable?” She questioned. “Recognise they all have friendship groups at seven but would you not think you should pay it back a bit? I felt irrationally irritated.”

Flocking to the comments, Mumsnet users were torn over the situation as one person wrote: “She obviously not a friend. Let it go.”

A second said: “That’s a bit savage of her to throw a big party and not invite the four. Some people prefer to have a smaller gathering e.g. for family only but sounds like that isn’t the case here.”

Meanwhile, a different user wrote: “I wouldn’t worry about it. Your child throws parties and goes to parties, the two groups won’t ever in their life overlap exactly.”

A fourth penned: “I’d be slightly miffed yes, although not massively annoyed. At least you didn’t have to buy a birthday present so you’ve saved yourself some money their. Every cloud and all that.”

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