‘My husband called me irresponsible for cooking four eggs instead of two’

The woman was baffled when her husband called her ‘irresponsible’ for cooking four eggs instead of two, which he’d asked for – but the stay-at-home mum wanted her children to be able to eat too

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The woman said she lost her appetite when her husband called her irresponsible (Stock Image)

When you’re cooking breakfast, it makes sense to do it for the whole family if they’re all present. That way, you can all enjoy the same thing together, and family meal times are a really important bonding exercise, especially if you have young children.

One woman was confused, however, when her husband called her ‘irresponsible’ for cooking for her whole family. She took to Reddit to ask whether she was in the wrong for cooking four eggs, rather than just the two her husband had asked for, and people were baffled at the behaviour of the man, and they wondered why he wouldn’t want his two children to eat much.

The man wasn’t happy his wife had made four eggs, not two (Stock Image)


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She wrote: “I’m a stay-at-home mum with two kids (eight, 10) their dad is the sole income earner in the house. He’s responsible for bills and groceries and recently, he’s been tightening the grip on expenses and would get mad over little things I do. Like doing laundry twice a week (because kids) or using more cleaning products than I usually do.

“Yesterday, I was making breakfast for him and the kids and used four eggs to make scrambled eggs. He came to the table and found out that I had used four and started lashing out at me calling me irresponsible for not using two eggs instead.

“I called him unreasonable because two eggs? When it was the four of us? The kids wouldn’t get enough. He yelled saying that I should keep in mind that he’s the one who’s expected to pay for all of that and will have to worry if we run out of groceries.

The woman knew two eggs wouldn’t stretch to make breakfast for two adults and two children (Stock Image)


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“I got upset and lost my appetite. I told him he could have the whole thing but he called me childish and immature for ‘sulking’ when he was just being honest and straightforward with me. I ended up having just coffee for breakfast and he left for work without speaking to me.

“Am I the a**hole for using four eggs instead of two so the whole family could eat?”

People were quick to defend the mum, saying she was trying her best for her family.

One wrote: “My first thought: this isn’t about eggs. Good luck to you and yours!”

Another said: “Inflation is a problem for a lot of families. Sit down with your husband, develop a plan and a budget.”

Someone else suggested the mum could take up a part-time job, writing: “Original poster, I realize you’re a stay-at-home mum and it’s awesome you’re able to do that. But it might be time to consider talking with your husband and seeing if picking up a job is needed to survive.”

“Cost of living crisis”, another suggested.

“I’m guessing he lost his job and is just going through the motions until he finds something else and has just decided not to tell her”, someone else assumed.

One Redditor said: “Perhaps they’re actually just struggling to make ends meet like a large portion of Brits, and the husband doesn’t know how to have a mature conversation about their finances.”

What would you do in this situation? Let us know in the comments.

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