‘My husband is constantly napping and leaving me with the kids – but am I unreasonable’

A woman was taken to breaking point after her husband kept napping every day, leaving her to take care of the children on her own – but she was fed up of him getting away with it

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The woman wanted her husband to pull his weight (Stock Image)

When you have children with someone, you’d likely assume that the responsibilities of the children would be somewhat shared between you. If you need help, they’ll have your back and be there to support you.

However, one woman feels like she isn’t receiving that support she needs, and has taken to Mumsnet to have a rant.

She has revealed her husband is taking ‘really long naps almost every single day’, regardless of what is going on around them.

The mum has explained he just ‘goes in the room, shuts the door, and lets me deal with everything’, rather than doing his share of the jobs around the house.

The woman wasn’t happy with her husband taking really long naps (Stock Image)


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She wrote: “Just to cut it short. My husband takes really LONG naps almost every single day regardless of the state of our house, food prep or the fact we have small kids.

“This has caused many arguments because it feels like he goes in the room shuts the door and lets me deal with everything.

“I am currently on maternity leave and he works from home and literally sits in meetings for ages so it’s isolating as it is and then decides he’s going to work through the night and now needs a rest.

“Where is my rest?! I would so love to drop everything and go take a nap and sit on my phone and do my own thing but there is a house to look after, food to prep, and kids to pay attention to.

“I can’t see why he can’t just go sleep when kids are asleep instead of at the peak of troubles for me. Am I being unreasonable?”

Others understood the woman’s predicament, with many having similar personal experiences.

One wrote: “The only fair way to divide up chores is by way of equal free time. It seems from what you describe that he chooses his free time and leaves you with everything. Time for a discussion. Good luck.”

Another jibed: “It’s just a way of opting out of family life My ex used to do this. Note ‘ex’.”

Someone responded: “Me too. Used his job and opportunities to stay away plus all-consuming hobbies to avoid parenting and domestic grunt work. Also an ex.”

A Mumsnetter gave some advice, commenting: “You need to have a conversation with DH about what you consider acceptable nap time and what he considers acceptable nap time and then meet in the middle.”

What would you do in this situation? Let us know in the comments.

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