‘My in-laws are fuming I made a veggie Christmas Dinner, they claim I ruined it’

The woman was raised vegetarian so has never eaten or meat and does not know how to prepare it but her in-laws were far from impressed with their meat-free meal

Young couple avoid family at Christmas
She has never cooked meat (stock photo)

Christmas Day is now behind us so millions of families all over the world will be digesting their huge dinners – and turkey is the last thing on anyone’s mind.

But one woman has faced a huge backlash from her husband’s family after she was given the task of making Christmas Dinner but did not make it quite how they were expecting, leaving her in-laws fuming.

As she is a lifelong vegetarian, she had never prepared meat before so decided to make a plant-based Christmas meal but when the in-laws showed up, it turns out there was just one thing on their mind.

She decided to make a meat free alternative


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Taking to Reddit, the woman explained that when her relatives came in they had initially complimenting how nice everything smelled but were shocked when dinner arrived and there was no ham on the table.

In the post, the woman, who remained anonymous, explained: “Per his family tradition the most recently wed couple hosts Christmas dinner.

“I was told that as long as I got food for everyone that it would be fine. Here’s where I might be in the wrong. I misunderstood. I thought this meant as long as I had enough food, and made sure to accomodate food allergies that they would be happy.”

She went onto explain that when the day arrived, her husband was working so she was left to prepare Christmas dinner for everyone and when people arrived, they said the food smelt good.

She said: “People commented on how good everything looked until father-in-law asks “Where’s the ham?

“My husband explained that I wasn’t comfortable making meat, especially ham since undercooked pork can be especially dangerous, and that instead we had a plant based roast alternative.”

This was followed by a raft of comments all afternoon from family who said they wished somebody else had hosted but her husband leapt to her defence.

She said: “My husband snapped, and told them to stop disrespecting the meal, and myself since I worked hard on it.

“My husband told her that if she was going to continue to be disrespectful that she could leave. He has been getting texts since about how my selfishness ruined Christmas.”

In response, many have supported the woman and said that as it is her home she should decide what food to make.

One person wrote: “Hosts determine menus. Guests do not determine menus. You offered your best and your guests were impolite and demanding.”

While another said: “They owe you an apology. You have a good husband. He stuck up for you and your home like every good man does.”

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