‘My in-laws bought us the honeymoon of a lifetime – then they turned up on it’

A pair of newlyweds were less than impressed when the husband’s parents bought them an all-inclusive hotel trip for their honeymoon – only to book themselves into the same hotel for the same week

A sad couple
The couple were dismayed when the parents wouldn’t leave them alone

The wedding industry is worth billions around the world and celebrating your big day in style certainly doesn’t come cheap.

More and more people are opting for smaller weddings these days, not wanting to spend tens of thousands of pounds on the celebration.

If you do decide to fork out for a big white wedding, there’s another expense you still need to consider – the honeymoon.

Instead of wedding gifts, some couples ask their guests to make a contribution towards the honeymoon of their dreams.

And some of the luckiest couples can have the entire holiday gifted to them.

One couple who were fortunate enough to receive this exact gift from the husband’s parents have written about their experience on Reddit – but there was a catch to their holiday of a lifetime.

The couple had hoped for a peaceful honeymoon on their own


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Writing in a post, the bride said her in-laws paid for the newlyweds to spend a week in an all-inclusive hotel.

While their offer was incredibly generous, there was one sticking point – the in-laws had booked another room in the hotel for the same week and wanted to do “group things” with the newlyweds.

The disgruntled bride wrote: “Outside of this, we see them maybe two or three times a year for a couple days at a time as he finds them a bit overbearing at times and they don’t really like me.”

She added: “They knock on our door regularly, waking us up at 6am, making us get all three meals a day with them.

“We’ve tried telling them we wanted “alone time” for our honeymoon and they shrugged us off saying that’s what our room is for.”

The bride said she and her beau even tried to pretend they were ill to avoid spending time with her in-laws – but claims they found a way around that excuse.

She said: “They just got room service to our room and sat with us while we faked stomach aches.”

After she claims her husband snapped at his parents for intruding on their honeymoon, they hit back by reminding him they had paid for the whole trip.

Trying to find a way out of spending every day with her husband’s parents , the bride said they were looking at using their own money to book a few nights in a nearby town and sneaking off without the in-laws knowing.

She said there were plenty of trains from the hotel they were staying at to the other town, and they could nip out at any time.

After asking other people for their opinions on what the couple should do, she later added she and he hubby were on the train and had decided to run away from his parents.

Responding to her post, people were torn on whether she was doing the right thing – although many agreed the honeymoon should be a time for the couple to be alone.

One person encouraged them to “go for it” but they added: “In the future, think twice before accepting “generous” gifts from your in-laws, since they obviously come with some serious strings.”

Another said of the in-laws: “This is ridiculous on their part and even really creepy.”

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