‘My kid is bullied over her name – I think it’s fine but some say I’m a bad mum’

A mum has claimed her 12-year-old daughter is teased at school over her name – and while the mum says her name is ‘very nice and common’, many online have disagreed

A young girl looking sad as two other girls stand behind her
The young girl is being picked on for her name (stock photo)

Baby names are often a point of contention between parents, and if you ever post your child’s name on social media, it’s likely you’ll be faced with comments from people judging you for your choice.

And while any parent is free to name their child whatever they want to, we can probably all admit that we’ve seen a name or two that has made us raise our eyebrows.

One mum, however, has claimed that her 12-year-old daughter has been bullied at school over her name – even though the mum thinks it’s a “very nice and common” moniker.

The youngster’s name? Kevin.

The mum doesn’t understand the issue with her daughter’s name (stock photo)


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In an anonymous post on Quora, the mum asked: “My 12-year-old daughter named Kevin says that people bully her for her name. It’s a very nice and common name, so why do people bully her?”

Commenters on the post were quick to question the validity of the anonymous post, as many of them couldn’t believe someone would actually name their little girl Kevin.

But on the off chance that the post wasn’t a joke, several commenters also gave helpful advice that pointed out exactly why the mum’s daughter might be getting picked on at school.

One person said: “I wonder if this is a legitimate question or a troll question since it has been posted anonymously.

“Either way, my answer is: You know exactly why your daughter is being ‘bullied’ for her name. You absolutely know that ‘Kevin’ is not a ‘nice, common name’ for girls.

“If this is a real question, you are the person who shackled your child with this name and you need to own up to your part in her being bullied. I suggest you figure out ways to help her learn to deal with the teasing and reactions she is going to get for the rest of her life, thanks to you.”

While another added: “You should already know the answer to this question: everyone knows that Kevin is a boy’s name! How could you not have known this? Is this a trick question asked by a troll or something?”

And a third wrote: “Kevin is a predominantly male name. You should have known that when you named her. This one is on you. People bully her because while Kevin is a common name, it is not at all common for a girl to have that name and some kids are mean.”

One commenter even made a joke about the girl’s situation being similar to the one faced by the subject of the Johnny Cash song, A Boy Named Sue.

Others said the mum was “cruel” for her choice of name, while more commenters suggested that if she wanted to break tradition and go for something less associated with girls, there are better names to choose.

Someone said: “You gave your daughter a name that most people use for males. Instead, you could use a name that can [be gender-neutral] like Avery, Max, or Taylor.”

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