‘My neighbours want to take over my driveway – they say theirs isn’t big enough’

A woman has been left infuriated after her neighbours told her she needs to stop parking her car on her driveway – because they want more space for their own vehicles

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The woman’s neighbours want her to park somewhere else (stock photo)

Parking disputes with your neighbours aren’t uncommon, especially if you have to park your vehicles on the road or you share a driveway without a clear barrier separating your side and theirs. And one woman has been left furious after the people living next door to her demanded that she stop parking her car on her own drive – because they want more space for themselves.

In a picture posted online, the woman showed her car parked at the very edge of a large driveway with plenty of space to park several other vehicles, and said that her neighbours believe she’s still taking up too much room.

The woman proved there was plenty of space for more cars



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Alongside the picture, the woman posted on Reddit: “My two duplex neighbours complained to me to park elsewhere because ‘there’s not enough room for all of our cars’.”

In the comments, the woman also admitted her neighbours are notorious for not being able to park their cars properly, which makes their parking situation even worse.

When asked why their parking matters more than hers, she said: “They don’t know how to park, which is obviously my fault.”

She also gave further info when she wrote: “The garage door to the right belongs to the owner and is not used so we park beside it. There’s always been plenty of space for three cars here but they often block each other’s spots by parking in the middle of the area. So naturally, they blamed me.”

To help ease tension between the households, commenters suggested using chalk to mark out the spaces as though the driveway was a car park, so that no-one can blame anyone else for parking incorrectly.

One person said: “Have you tried getting some chalk and drawling spaces?

While another added: “I’d do what somebody else already suggested and chalk out the spaces. Your comment about your roommate making fun of you shouldn’t matter.”

And a third said: “Just draw a line down the middle to separate your property’s parking area from theirs, 50/50.”

Other commenters simply offered their sympathies to the woman, with one stating “selfish neighbours suck”.

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