‘My selfish neighbour runs their washing machine at 4am – it’s unacceptable’

The tenant left a desperate note pleading for a neighbour not to use their washing machine at 4AM as it’s ‘unacceptable’ and ‘very unfair when people are working’

Angsty note to a neighbour asking them to turn off washing machine
Someone left their neighbour an angsty note after being woken by their washing machine

A man has been left in the middle of a neighbourly row – and he’s torn over whose side he’s on. Taking to popular forum Reddit, the user shared a note from an angsty neighbour who was pleading for someone in their apartment complex to not use their washing machine in the middle of the night as it’s “unacceptable”.

He found the note pinned to the front door of the residents’ block of flats. In the post, the sleep-deprived individual asked that his fellow neighbour refrains from washing his clothes at 4AM as it’s “very unfair when people are working”.

They said using the washing machine at 4am wasn’t ‘acceptable’



Captioning the post, the man who found the note wrote: “This was on the front door to our block of flats – can’t decide whose side I am on.

“(I am neither the neighbour nor the note leaver),” he clarified.

While the user of the Reddit post admitted that he didn’t leave the note, the author behind the written message was evidently upset.

The pleading note read: “Dear neighbours, 4AM is not an acceptable time to use a washing machine.

“I have been woken up several times with your washing machine. Please stop!

The anonymous neighbour is struggling to sleep (stock photo)


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The note continued: “Refrain from using the washing machine before 7AM.

“I have been woken up on too many occasions.

“This is very unfair when people are working,” they added.

Flocking to the comments, users shared a reasonable explanation for why the neighbour was keeping their washing machine on throughout the night and early hours of the morning.

“Do you have a day rate and a night rate for electricity?” One person asked. “If her night rate starts at midnight like mine does, she’s probably setting the washing machine to start then to save some money on the electric (like I do).”

Another agreed: “Some energy companies charge less for out of hours usage, so might be a factor. Probably an easy fix by adjusting the washing machine feet so the damn thing doesn’t rattle…. Or it could just be someone getting rattled?!”

A third wrote: “I was going to say this. I’ve seen a few companies recently encouraging people to use their machines at night.”

Although it’s not confirmed whether the person commenting is the next-door neighbour, a different user wrote: “You might be my neighbour, I’m sorry.

“I just need fresh uniform for tomorrow morning :(. Your son wakes me up swearing at his TV so I think we’re even. xox”

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