‘My sister-in-law won’t let me meet my nephew until I change my dog’s name’

The man has taken to Reddit to vent his frustration after his sister-in-law ‘banned’ him from naming his dog Merlin because she wanted to use it for her second child

He named his dog Merlin
He named his dog Merlin

Choosing a dog’s name isn’t always as easy as it sounds because there are so many options out there.

While some owners seek inspiration from their favourite books, television shows and movies, others opt for a name with a more ‘personal meaning’ behind it.

But one dog owner has come under fire for naming his dog after his sister-in-law’s son, despite picking out the name first.

Explaining his unique situation to Reddit, he said: “My wife and I have a few cats and we’ve been talking about getting a dog for the past year. We don’t have any kids.

“Three months ago, my wife’s sister and her husband were at our house and at the time she was eight months pregnant with a boy. They already have a girl so this was their second kid. They hadn’t decided on a name for him at the time.

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He refused to change his dog’s name

“At one point in the conversation I told them that I was going to get a dog finally as I’ve always wanted one and never had one growing up – I’m 37.

“My wife was really happy I was finally getting my dog. I mentioned that I was going to name him Merlin. I’ve had that name ‘saved’ for him since I was a kid.”

With that, his sister-in-law and her husband turned to each other and asked whether they could use the name for their child.

“They looked at each other with huge eyes and smiled and said they just loved that name,” he added.

“I said, sure, but I’m naming my dog that just so they know. They got all mad and told me not to do that as a son was more important.

He picked out the name when he was a child


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“I said, who cares if they both have the same name. It’s just a dog and I thought of it first and had that name thought of since I was a kid.

“They basically forbid me to name my impending dog Merlin.”

One month after the child’s birth, the man adopted a German shepherd from a rescue shelter and followed through with his plan to name him Merlin.

He added: “I posted pics of Merlin online and immediately started getting texts from my sister-in-law and her husband telling me to rename my dog.

“My wife and I think it’s so silly they’re upset – especially since it was my name first.

“They refuse to come over or have us over to see their son Merlin until I officially rename my dog.

“My wife and I refuse to rename Merlin. We absolutely 100 per cent will not rename him.”

While most users agreed the sister-in-law is in the wrong, others pointed out how nobody ‘owns’ a name.

One user said: “You don’t own names. They knew you were going to name you dog that and decided to name the kid.”

Another user added: “I think they’re overreacting, I feel like both can have the name and it’s not that weird. But either way you had it first so can’t blame you.”

A third user said: “They’re being super childish and selfish. You’re finally fulfilling a childhood dream and thought of the name first.”

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