‘My sister wants my breast milk to make soap for her unborn baby – I said no’

A woman has been left in a difficult predicament after her sister asked to use her breast milk to make soap for her unborn baby, calling her “selfish” when she refused

Baby lying next to a breast pump (Stock Photo)
Her sister says she’s being selfish (Stock Photo)

A woman with a six-month-old baby has had some trouble with nursing and says she can’t afford to spare any of her breast milk.

The mum-of-two says she is pumping for 20 minutes four times every day, which she says “totally sucks”, leaving her feeling “like a cow”.

On top of this, she’s been experiencing nursing aversion, meaning that lactating leads to “a surge of negative hormones” which make her feel “super angry.”

Therefore, the 31-year-old was understandably less than enthusiastic when her pregnant sister asked her whether she could have some of her breast milk to make soap for her unborn baby.

Unfortunately, her sister was less than understanding when she said no, blasting her as “selfish”.

The new mum has suffered from nursing aversion, and can’t spare any of her milk (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the unnamed woman explained that her sister has had some trouble conceiving, but is now six months pregnant and looking forward to welcoming a little girl.

The poster wrote: “She is busy prepping for the pregnancy she’s been dreaming about for years.

“About a week ago she asked me for some of my breast milk to make soap for her unborn baby. She read something about caring for sensitive newborn skin and is worried her daughter will inherit her own skin issues (nothing medical, just very sensitive).

“She wants 12 oz of milk. For those who don’t know, that’s so much breast milk. Like, two entire meals for my son which would take two entire pumping sessions to produce.”

Being the sort of person who dislikes confrontation, she waited a few days to tell her sister that this just wouldn’t be happening, and that she needed her milk to feed her own child.

Her sister is now “furious” with her, complaining to their mum that she’s being “selfish and unsupportive in her miracle pregnancy”.

Although the poster feels she had no choice but to let her sister down, knowing she needed to put her own baby first, she now wonders whether she’s being unreasonable.

However, her fellow Reddit users have reassured her that she’s done nothing wrong, with many remarking that her sister is making an unfair demand.

One person wrote: “If she wants to make soap from milk, your sister can buy some milk from a health food store. Or she can buy specialty soap. You are not a cow.”

Another said: “It might be her miracle baby, but you need to feed your baby. If she’s so concerned and wants breast milk soap, she can either buy it ready-made or buy the breast milk and make it herself.

“I get she’s waited a long time for her daughter, but she’s asking you to put her child before your own already and she’s not born yet. Don’t feel bad. Your mental health especially with nursing aversion is more important than her baby’s soap.”

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