Mysterious Monolith In Romania Has Now Vanished

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Amidst all of the negative news in the media this year, one story has shone through and garnered international attention: the saga of the mysterious monolith.

Every time you think the story has reached its peak, another piece gets added to this unexplainable puzzle.This week has been no exception.

The Mysterious Monolith: A Recap

The mystery started on November 18, when Utah state employees were flying a helicopter over a remote part of the wilderness, counting sheep. They spotted a large, shiny object on the ground below, and stopped to take a look.

What they found was a tall metal pillar that someone had stuck firmly into the ground. Almost as soon as they announced their findings, the internet began offering various possible explanations for the mysterious monolith. Was it an art piece? Or was it an object of alien origin à la 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Initially, officials did not reveal the monolith’s exact coordinates, out of concern that amateur hikers would get lost or hurt trying to get to the remote area. Internet sleuths, of course, quickly determined the location of the object, and the site’s first guests arrived in less than two days.

Ten days after the object made internet fame, however, it vanished. Utah’s Bureau of Land Management announced shortly after that an “unknown party” had removed the structure the previous night.

The story, however, was not over. After the monolith disappeared in Utah, a second one appeared at a historical site in Romania. As was the case with the first one, nobody claimed responsibility for this object, either.

It Disappeared Again

Now, only four days after it appeared, this new mysterious monolith has also vanished. 

“The 2.8 metre (9ft) tall structure disappeared overnight as quietly as it was erected last week,” journalist Robert Iosub [1].

Iosub said that an unidentified person had made it. Now, all that remains is some rocky soil covering a small hole. Currently, officers are investigating the structure, which the perpetrator installed illegally.

The rest of us, however, are waiting to see if, or rather where, the mysterious monolith will pop up next.

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