Nagaland Minister Posts Photo With “Karate Kids”, Wins Hearts Online

Nagaland Minister Posts Photo With 'Karate Kids', Wins Hearts Online

Temjen Imna Along posing with students dressed in their martial arts gear.

Temjen Imna Along, tourism and higher education minister in Nagaland, is known for his hilarious social media posts. Mr Along also shares important life goals and gives people insights into the culture of the Northeastern state. This time, he has posted a picture of himself surrounded by children practicing martial arts. The minister calls himself a “Sumo wrestler” and the children “Karate Kids” in his tweet. He posted the tweet on Friday and since then, it has been viewed more than two lakh times and received over 8,100 likes.

“Sumo wrestler having a chilled moment with the Karate Kids,” Mr Along said in the tweet adding a karate dress emoji.

While the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader is seen in casual clothes – jeans and t-shirt – the kids are dressed in their martial arts gear. They have their fists clenched while posing for the photo.

The tweet has attracted a barrage of responses from Mr Along’s followers and other users of the platform.

“Who won sir?” asked one user. “Fantastic sense of humour,” tweeted another.

“Red belt guy on your left is overawed by your eight packs,” a third user said. Many users posted emojis with tears of joy signifying intense laughter.

A few days ago, he shared a group photo with a witty caption. In his caption, the minister wrote, “Too many lens to focus, Magar Mera Timing toh Dekho! (Too many lens to focus, but look at my timing).”

It showed the minister sitting with 10 other people. While others are looking in one direction, Mr Along’s face is towards the camera that clicked the photo.

His tweet received thousands of likes and several comments.

On World Sleep Day on Friday, he shared a photo that showed him and several others dozing off on the chairs in what appeared to be an auditorium. 

The interesting image and caption brought a lot of likes and comments to the tweet.

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