“Nature Is Complex”: Video Of Cow And Snake Playing Together Goes Viral

'Nature Is Complex': Video Of Cow And Snake Playing Together Goes Viral

Social media users loved the video and called it a lovely sight.

The social media users were left delighted when they encountered the beautiful yet very strange sight of a cow and a snake playing together in a video shared on microblogging platform X. The video of the incident was shared by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda.

A brown cow and a snake were observed sticking together and playing with each other in the 17-second video, with no signs of fear or fighting between them.

Mr Nanda shared the video and wrote, “Difficult to explain. The trust gained through pure love.”

Watch the video here:

The video featuring the inexplicable behaviour of the cow and snake has gained massive attention on social media. It has amassed nearly 3 lakh views in the last 15 hours and has gotten nearly 5,000 likes on social media site X. Several users left interesting comments on the post.

“Nature is Complex. You can only understand nature through experience. I love watching nature in detail and have seen many things that mesmerise me even today when they get recalled accidentally in my mind,” commented a user.

“A lovely expression of Harmony. In today’s world, humanity should learn from these lovely souls,” wrote another user.

“Inexplicable behaviour of both the cow and the serpent, but then, they have a language of their own, which is beyond human understanding,” commented a third user.

However, some users questioned the video’s credibility.

“That’s simply a made-up video. Plenty of livestock die due to snakebite each year. And we don’t have any reliable data on this,” wrote one user, doubting the authenticity of the video.

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