NBA: Play-In Game Confirmed With Grizzlies’ Loss

When the NBA announced its format for the end of the ‘regular season,’ we all knew there was a pretty good chance that a play-in would be used to field the playoff teams. That was confirmed on Sunday, though, as the Memphis Grizzlies fell 108-99 to the Toronto Raptors in the Orlando ‘bubble.’

Sports Illustrated

The battle between the eighth and ninth seeds will take place this coming Saturday, but we don’t even know for sure which team will play the Grizzlies as of yet. We might have some dramatics before then. If the Grizzlies win that match up, it would be done and dusted, but should they lose on Saturday then they would face a winner-takes-all second meeting the following day. The Raptors’ win, meanwhile, saw them clinch the second seed in the Eastern Conference.

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