NBA: Warren Stars For Pacers, Raptors Crush Lakers


A lot of things are different in Orlando, we are told to believe. The place is, after all, magical, as some would lead us to think. It certainly was for the Indiana Pacers’ TJ Warren on Saturday as he helped them past the Philadelphia 76ers by dropping a career-high 53 points.

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The 127-121 victory saw him record more than 40 points for the first time ever in his career, so to say he shattered his previous best would be an understatement. Despite that, most of his teammates were unsurprised, referring back to feats from his AAU days to underline his talents. Elsewhere, the Toronto Raptors got a massive win over the Los Angeles Lakers, winning 107-92. Head coach Nick Nurse, encouraged by the performance (and rightfully so), said that he hoped the rest of the league would continue to overlook his team and said that they had yet to reach their own personal ceiling. This coming from a team that won the last title, albeit with Kawhi Leonard. Kyle Lowry was outstanding for them with 33 points and 14 boards, while Anthony Davis severely struggled for the Lakers and LeBron was held relatively silent.

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