NCAA Waives All Transfers

In an extremely unprecedented move, the NCAA announced on Wednesday that it would be allowing all players that wish to transfer to another school the right to do so without waiting a year to play. This move is intended to be used in all sports, but obviously it will be felt the most, just an opinion of course, in the realm of men’s college basketball.

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That’s because that very sport is going on right now and several high-profile players will be eligible to suit up immediately rather than having to wait like the days of old to don the uniform of their new team. The organization had been very lax in their rulings about certain players due to Covid-19, but that still left a few players in the cold. That, however, will no longer be the case, as anyone that has wished to transfer will be given the ability to do so right away. The rule will be revisited in January, where many expect the new rule to be that a player will be able to transfer once without sitting out in his or her four years of eligibility.

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