‘Neighbour ordered my grandma to rename her cat – they say it’s offensive’

An 85-year-old woman has shared how her neighbour ordered her to change her cat’s name because they think it’s ‘misogynistic and offensive towards women’ – but she refuses to listen to them

Her cat's name is inspired by her late husband (stock photo)
Her cat’s name is inspired by her late husband (stock photo)

When picking out a pet’s name, it’s important to imagine yourself shouting it out around the neighbourhood before going ahead with your option. But one 85-year-old woman didn’t let this stop her from giving her cat an unorthodox name, calling him after her late husband who would ‘flirt with any woman he came in to contact with’.

Speaking on the elderly woman’s behalf, her 19-year-old granddaughter explained how her grandma named her cat Kitty Sl*ts because the animal resembles her late husband in so many ways. Taking to Reddit, she said: “He reminds her of my late grandfather. In her words ‘He’s slim with shiny black hair and loves to play happy family with any b**** that gives him attention especially that harlot down the road’.”

Her neighbours hate her cat’s name (stock photo)


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Despite the fact the five-year-old cat lives a ‘life of luxury’ eating £15 steaks for dinner, the elderly woman has been slammed for daring to give her cat such an “inappropriate” name.

She added: “New neighbours moved in during December – a couple in their early 30s to late 20s with a baby.

“They have sent my grandmother multiple anonymous letters about her ‘inappropriate language’.

“They even tried to get other neighbours involved to try and talk to her about it which is how she found out about the letters.

“It came to ahead when the mum was feeding her baby in the backyard and my grandmother called the cat to come in so I could drive her to Asda.

“The mum yelled over the fence for my grandmother to stop saying the cat’s name because it was a misogynistic word.

The elderly woman refuses to change her cat’s name to please other people (stock photo)


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“My grandmother is your classic African grandmother so it ended with the neighbours telling her to calm down.”

After returning inside with her cat, her angry neighbours marched round to her house to have it out with her again.

“They came to her house and asked her to change her cat’s name because it’s misogynistic and offensive towards women,” she added.

“They gave her two options to either change his name or not call him while she was outside.

“My grandmother told them no and the mother tearfully told her that [the garden is] the only place she feels at peace while breastfeeding. She told her she took her only safe space away from her.”

While most users agreed the elderly woman should be able to name her pet anything she likes, others shamed the neighbours for trying to “bully” her in to changing it.

One user said: “The neighbours need to learn to choose their battles.

“If their goal is to stick up for women’s empowerment they would do a lot more good by calling out people in power who repeatedly sl*t-shame women in a way that impacts on wider society.

“I cannot see how demanding a grandmother next door to change her cat’s name is going to make the world a better place.

Another user added: “Seriously, this. First we are going to try to bully you, then we will guilt you? Nah man, no dice here.

“There is nothing wrong with Mr Sl*ts or his surname. They are being sexist by calling it misogynistic. Do they even know he’s a boy?”

A third user said: “Tell the neighbour she should stop being misogynistic for considering sl*ts to be dirty.

“All my friends affectionately call each other and ourselves sl*ts, and we support women in their right to have as much sex as they want.”

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