New Footage Shows What’s Inside One Of The Three Monoliths

what's inside monolith

There have been a number of prominent stories in the news this year, but none have been quite so captivating as the saga of the monoliths. These tall, metal structures seem to keep popping up in one place, disappearing, and then reappearing in another.

The mysterious appearance of these monoliths have us asking a number of questions: Who built them? What are they for? Where will the next one appear? Answers, however, have been far fewer.

The Work of Artists or Aliens?

When the first monolith appeared in Utah on November 18, it seemed as though it was the work of aliens. Many science fiction enthusiasts likened it to the 1968 Stanley Kubrick film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. 

Utah officials, however, purposefully did not share the exact location of the object. Their reasoning was that it was in a remote location in the Utah desert, and they were concerned that amateur hikers would get lost or hurt trying to get to it.

Of course, as soon as the news of the strange sighting broke internet sleuths were on the case. In less than 48 hours, someone determined it’s exact coordinates, and the first visitors arrived on scene.

In searching for the monolith’s location, however, these internet detectives discovered something else: The object had actually been there since 2015. It just took five years for anyone to find it.

Many people theorized that it was likely the work of an artist, or perhaps someone with a Space Odyssey obsession. Since no one stepped forward to claim responsibility, however, we still don’t know who put the tower there.

Coordinated Work or Copycats?

The plot of the mystery thickened when the monolith in Utah disappeared, only for another, similar structure to appear on a hillside in Romania. This one, however, seemed much more crudely put together than the original. 

Since then, however, someone with the username MrSlackline uploaded a video to YouTube of a team of people removing the monolith in Utah. He accompanied the video with this short caption:

“On the night of November 27, 2020, at about 8:30pm— our team removed the Utah Monolith.  We will not be including any other information, answers, or insight at this time.” [1]

A mere four days after the second structure appeared, it vanished as well. Then, it reappeared atop a mountain in California. For those of you who are keeping track, that’s three monoliths in less than twenty days.

While these three structures all seem to be a part of some kind of coordinated effort, many people are arguing that this is likely not the case. The reason is because the first one seems to have appeared a few years ago, and perhaps the person who put it there forgot about it. The quick succession of the next two make it seem as though they were simply the work of copycats.

Of course, this is all just speculation. Until someone steps up and claims responsibility, we can’t really know for sure. 

Inside One of the Monoliths

If you take a closer look at the video footage of the group dismantling the first monolith, you can get a peek inside the structure. There are two things to note when looking at the video:

  1. It definitely looks like something made by humans. This is even more apparent when you consider how quickly and easily the team dismantled it.
  2. The inside is..wait for it… completely hollow. That’s right- there does not appear to be anything inside the structure [2].

So who is behind all of these mysterious monoliths that are popping up around the world? That we still do not know. Increasingly, however, it seems likely that they are not of alien origin.

The most plausible assumption is that they’re the work of a few dedicated pranksters trying to add some light-hearted fun to a difficult year.

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