NFL To Deliver Oakley ‘Mouth Shield’

It was reported to be a thing a few months ago, but the NFL has actually gone about doing what seemed a little impossible or impractical- creating a ‘mouth shield’ to help its players ward off Covid-19. All 32 teams will be receiving them this week, and it’s hoped that they will put them to use and then approve them for use.

Fox Business

Doctors, engineers, and players are said to have collaborated on this design from Oakley, a leader in optics. At current, the NFL has no mandate to players that they must wear the shield, but a lot of the safety protocols are still being talked about, so it would not be a major shock to see them required when the season does kick off. That is, if they do their job. If they fog up too easily or cause other unforeseen issues, then we might not see them used at all. So, we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out!

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