NFL To Push On Despite Titans’ Positive Tests

The NFL is in a real pickle right now, but unlike Major League Baseball, they are, at least according to sources, planning on pushing on anyway. In case you haven’t heard, the Tennessee Titans are dealing with an outbreak of Covid-19, and they have closed their practice facilities as a result. The Minnesota Vikings have done likewise, as they faced one another on Sunday. No official decision has been announced as of yet, but it does appear that the league intends on playing as scheduled.

The New York Times

It’s being suggested that they could push the game back a day to Monday if needed, but that appears to be all the change they are willing to make at this time. It will be interesting to see how this is handled and viewed by the public at large. Commissioner Roger Goodell said that “this is not unexpected” and that “there will be players and staff who will test positive during the season.” It just says a lot that they are not willing to consider postponement as of yet, doesn’t it? Whether it’s right or wrong remains to be seen, but it is interesting to see how they handle it compared to the way baseball did so.

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