Old Video Of Bird Protecting Her Eggs From Moving Tractor Goes Viral

Old Video Of Bird Protecting Her Eggs From Moving Tractor Goes Viral

“Now that’s one fierce mama bird!” a user said.

The first heroes in our lives and the greatest guardians are our mothers. They lead, inspire, foster, construct, unite, and safeguard. Even if it seems difficult, it appears to be the most beautiful thing we have ever seen. In one such incident, an old video of a bird protecting its kids from a tractor is making rounds on the internet. The internet can’t help but notice how in life, children look to their parental figures to fulfill every need. 

In a video shared by Vala Afhsar on Twitter, a bird is seen in the video sitting in front of its eggs. A tractor soon starts to block its path. The mother bird is unfazed by the vehicle and so she walks closer to her eggs. It is seen making an effort to protect them by covering the tiny nest with its feathers.

The video was shared on December 30 and since then, it has amassed one lakh views and a thousand likes. The clip was originally shared in 2019. “The bird does not move so she can protect her eggs on the ground,” reads the caption of the video. 

“And the person driving the vehicle also makes adjustments in order to avoid hitting the bird. What a brave bird! What a nice person! The world is a miracle,” said a user. 

A second person commented, “Imagine how beautiful the world would be with more mothers like this one.”

“Mother can do anything to save their children,” added a third.

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“So traumatic. I’m sure the birds heartbeat was beating at light speed. They should relocate or leave it alone.” added another user. 

Another person said, “Now that’s one fierce mama bird!”

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