Olson Hits Walk-Off Grand Slam, A’s Win Makes History


The first full slate of games of the MLB season were played on Friday night, and it didn’t take long for some history to be made. The league has changed up some rules, partially due to the pandemic, and that played a role in the outcome of the Oakland A’s 7-3 victory over the Los Angeles Angels.

USA Today

The new rule states that each team begins extra innings with a man on second base. Unfortunately for the Angeles, this didn’t make a difference, with Shoehei Ohtani being stranded on the basepath. So, it was time for the A’s to get a chance, and unlike the Angels, they took it with aplomb. After a wild bottom of the tenth, the bases were loaded for Matt Olson. He would respond by smashing a grand slam to hand his team the walk-off win and to make the history. Marcus Semien was the first runner to score via this method, though it continues to be maligned by many a fan.

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