Orioles Defeat Yankees, End Losing Streak

The Baltimore Orioles are not exactly the most popular team in Major League Baseball right now. It’s been a while, in fact, that they were relevant at all. But they had a bit of good news… maybe… on Friday as they ended a dubious losing streak against the New York Yankees.

Bleacher Report

Prior to the 6-3 win, that was part of yet another of MLB’s doubleheader lineup, they had lost 19 consecutive times to the Yankees. And in many of those meetings, they had been absolutely clobbered as well. They had come close to breaking the streak at 18, but they lost in extra innings in the opener. However, the second game was the one for them, as they utilized a two-run homer from rookie Ryan Mountcastle. The Yanks’ loss also means their streak of 18 wins in a row at Camden Yards ended as well.

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