Padres Clobber Astros With Long Ball


The San Diego Padres have had a heck of a week. They have won a lot of games, made a lot of headlines, turned some heads along the way, and they have crushed more than their fair share of home runs. They, of course, did that on Saturday, too, as they annihilated the Houston Astros 13-2 for a sixth consecutive win. Four players hit a homer here, and one of them (Jake Croneworth) smashed a grand slam that gave them five of those in the last six games alone.

The San Diego Union-Tribune

His slam made it 11-1, yes 11-1, in just the second inning and allowed them to pretty much put themselves on cruise control for the remainder of the action. It also meant that their entire starting infield has hit a grand slam in the past week, which has to be some kind of record you would think. Leadoff hitter Trent Grisham is also due some attention as well, as he launched three home runs of his own in this very game. That takes the Padres up to 17-12 thus far, though they still are four games back of the Dodgers in the NL West despite their charge.

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