Passport photo blunder leaves woman accidentally ‘resembling Mr Potato Head’

One woman was left in hysterics after her friend’s passport photos came back – and people joked that she looked like a completely different woman due to a technical error

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A glitch on a woman’s passport photo that left her looking like Mr Potato Head has left people in stitches.

TikTok user Stacey was left in hysterics, after her friend’s travel document came back looking rather different, due to an editing error.

She shared a video explaining what happened and it’s been viewed more than one million times.

In it, Stacey wrote: “I’ve been laughing for the past hour. My friend ordered her passport and they did her so dirty.”

She then showed the picture they submitted, compared to the photo they ended up using in her passport.

The woman asked: “Why did they do that to her forehead?”

The amount of white space around the photo led to the error



Her video went viral with more than 1.5m views



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One viewer joked: “She’s got a lot on her mind,” while another said: “If Mr Potato Head came to life.”

Another said: “They did the same to my daughter’s,” while a third added: “It happens, my son got his messed up too, he had a horse face.”

Luckily, a former passport photographer helped explain what had happened to the picture.

She wrote: “The white definitely messed it up because they scan the photo onto a computer and then it uses the proportions to zoom in on the face.

“The white shirt and background must have confused the computer and made it hard to find her shoulders.”

Meanwhile, a woman shared the moment she caught a fellow passenger fat-shaming her on a plane.

Landen Ewing, 22, was flying home when she caught the man sitting next to her texting rude comments about her weight.

She posted a clip on TikTok, which has been viewed more than one million times, describing the bizarre encounter.

Recounting the incident, she said: “Imagine if it had been someone who was super-insecure or dealing with a lot of body image stuff and they saw him text that about them.

“That could have ruined their whole day, week, year. It’s one of those things – a reminder to be kind and think about the things you say as it can affect people.

“I’m [the] best-case scenario, it affected me in no way but it could have been a different situation.”