Penultimate CFP Rankings Released: Top 5 Unchanged

The College Football Playoff is almost here now. On Sunday, the committee will officially select the four teams that will be partaking in the event. For this week, though, the rankings were very, very telling about who is likely to get in. That is due to the fact that the top five, once again, remained the same as it was last time. Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson, and Ohio State are inside the top four, while Texas A&M is the first ‘bubble’ team on the outside looking in. That spot doesn’t seem enviable for the Aggies, but if CFP history is anything to go by, it’s actually a good spot to be as the #5 team in the penultimate standings has ended up making the final four.


The sixth-ranked team now is Iowa State, who has two loss. In truth, it looks like their path, and the paths of those beneath them are all but over unless something really crazy happens this Saturday. Cincinnati, who are undefeated but haven’t played since November now, fell down to ninth behind the aforementioned Iowa State and as well as two other two-loss teams in Florida and Georgia. So, you’d have to think their shot at it is all but over at this stage, even if they do win their game with Tulsa this weekend. Coastal Carolina, likewise unbeaten, is at #12, while USC, who are 5-0 and could be crowned Pac-12 champs this weekend with victory over Oregon, are also well out of contention in 13th. So, basically it looks like Alabama and Notre Dame are shoe-ins regardless of what happens, whether we like the fact or not.

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