People Are Dyeing Their Hair Bright Orange During The Coronavirus Lockdown

So, it’s all been a bit weird lately, hasn’t it? Cooped up indoors with little to do but find new and interesting ways to amuse ourselves.

Have you managed to avoid dyeing your hair orange yet? Apparently it’s the latest trend.

Yes, it’s suddenly the latest craze, according to Dazed Digital, who’ve dubbed it the ‘hot new hair trend’.

Well, go back in time and tell that to all the mortified and traumatised ginger schoolkids who had to endure years of subjugation before it shot to this lofty status.

This is, of course, because a few celebrities and popular fashion types have decided to take a flame-headed heel turn and get themselves into orange.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Celebrities such as Elle Fanning, Kristen Stewart and musician Dua Lipa have all turned up the contrast on their heads while enduring their way through the worldwide coronavirus lockdown.

Hey, here’s a theory – perhaps this all started because people tried to dye their hair blonde but accidentally managed to turn it that lovely shade of orange that we all managed to achieve during our teenage years.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Now, they’ve presumably just decided to try to style it out as intentional. Very clever, but we’re onto you.

Perhaps we’re realising that we actually aren’t as comfortable in our own company as we thought or hoped we’d be, and we’re grasping at straws to keep ourselves amused, even resorting to try to turn ourselves into someone different in order to have someone – notionally, at least – to talk to.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Maybe it’s a bizarre form of self-flagellation. We’ve become so bored and unhappy with a situation that, when we take a step back, isn’t actually that bad.

Think about it, we’ve been directly asked to stay at home with all of our things and – for most of us anyway – our settee and Netflix accounts.

That’s not such a big ask, but as the weeks have worn on it’s become interminable. It was inevitable that eventually people were going to start turning their hair weird.

Anyway, if you actually want to know what barbers and hairdressers make of all this, we’ve recently released a video in which trained hair-styling professionals react to everyone’s lockdown trims with a mixture of amazement, amusement, and downright despair.

It’s called Pros React, and – before you think about turning your hair orange – you should maybe give it the once over.

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