People are trying to dye their hair using perfume and it’s a disaster

It’s fair to say that we can learn a lot from TikTok, from life hacks to historical facts they didn’t teach us in school.

But, every now and then bizarre and worrying trends begin on the video sharing app, which leave you thinking, ‘WTF?!’

One of said trends is a highly dangerous so-called ‘hack’ which sees people trying to use perfume and hair straighteners to dye their hair. No, seriously.

We’re just going to have to say it. Don’t ever try this yourself, unless you want to risk getting electrocuted and ruining your expensive GHDs in the process. Please, just don’t.

Agbe using straighteners to seemingly turn her blue hair pink
TikTok influencer Agbe appeared to dye her hair pink using perfume

The trend started when TikTok influencer Agbe sprayed a bottle of perfume onto her hair straighteners, before gliding the straighteners over her bright blue hair and seemingly turning it pink.

The eagle-eyed among us will notice the clip changes between her spraying the perfume onto the straighteners and her using them on her hair, as well as the second hand carefully placed below the straighteners.

And, as ridiculous as it sounds, other TikTok users quickly started attempting to dye their own hair using perfume and straighteners, and spoiler alert: it doesn’t work.

TikTok user spraying perfume onto straighteners
Other TikTok users began trying the so-called hack for themselves

Unsurprisingly, people quickly started commenting with their own suspicions, with one user writing: “You can literally see the pink powder on the straighteners, lol.”

“Firstly, the straightener wasn’t plugged in, and secondly there was pink powder on the straightener and she was holding the pink powder,” another wrote.

Still, that didn’t stop others from giving it ago, and several videos have emerged on the site showing young girls spraying perfume directly onto their piping hot straighteners.

Of course, perfume also contains alcohol, which is not only extremely flammable but can dry your hair out and can cause real damage when combined with heat.

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet, kids.