People line up to join dad’s friendship group after he sets ‘agenda’ for pub

A man has proven popular with many online after his daughter posted a picture of his trip to the pub online which showed his ‘agenda’ for the pub – people found it heartwarming

Man's pub agenda
People thought the pub ‘agenda’ was adorable

A man has gained internet popularity after his daughter posted a picture of his ‘agenda’ for when he goes to the pub with his pals.

In a tweet, Kenzi, who posts under the username @kenzianidiot, wrote: “My dad goes to a bar with his friends every Friday and he makes a list of discussion topics.”

Many people found this ultra-endearing and were picking up on different adorable things about the photo, including the fact that he’d paperclipped the agendas and even reserved the table for himself and his pals in the pub.

His daughter also clarified that her dad makes multiple copies to hand out to those who join him for the catch up.

People found it adorable and wanted to join his pub meet-ups. The agenda for the first December of the month varied in seriousness, from discussions about major world superpowers to a party ‘with the boys’.

The printed document read: “1) Jordan Love, 2) World Cup, 3) China and Russia, 4) After Christmas party with the boys, 5) General discussion.”

One Twitter user wrote: “Not even a shared Google doc, what an old soul”, to which someone responded: “Written trending topics…a true Renaissance Man.”

“Important to remind yourself that The Agenda can be flexible”, another joked.

Another left a hilarious Family Guy reference with Peter Griffin sat around a table with his pals, saying ‘your dad’.

“I like how the table is reserved”, one gushed.

Others hailed the idea as ‘great’, with one commenting: “As someone who has no social skills and can’t carry a conversation beyond just saying “yep, mhm, and oh really?” this is a good idea!”

One man cheekily asked: “Is your dad taking applications to add more ‘boys’ to the roster? After Christmas party sounds awesome!”

Some were less positive about the man’s agenda, however, writing it was ‘sad’, but someone else swiftly explained that: “Some people have anxiety. Other people like structure. Either way, you weren’t invited to hang out with them so you wouldn’t have to worry in this case.”

Would you ever set an agenda for the pub? Let us know in the comments.

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