Person Who Worked In ER For Decade Shares Favourite Thing They Found Up Someone’s Bum

Yep, let’s be honest, it’s the first question we all want to ask when we find out someone works in A&E, isn’t it?

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

And in response, one person wrote: “I worked in the ER for ten years and I have a lot of these, but my favourite was a rolled up newspaper with staples in it wrapped in duct tape.

“The staples ended up shredding his colon and he needed emergency surgery, but when the doc asked him what happened he just sheepishly said he really likes the news.”

Well, that does show a somewhat frightening level of love and admiration for the news.

The post left fellow Reddit users with more questions, with one person writing: “But why staples in it? I’m not judging if people wish to explore things… but why not just do newspaper and duct tape?

“I just don’t understand why the staples. I’m bothered I’m fixated on this.”

Another commented: “That is the saddest DIY dildo I’ve ever heard of.”

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

While a third chipped in: “Anything you can think of that sickens you gives someone out there a boner.” Indeed.

Samantha Palenske spent three hours in hospital last year after a stainless steel butt plug, approximately three inches in length, vanished up her bum during an encounter with a Tinder date.

And while she admits the whole thing was more than a little bit embarrassing, she strongly recommends anyone who finds themselves in similar circumstances to do the same thing.

She said: “You’re going to feel like you’re the only one this has happened to but it definitely isn’t.

“There are plenty of other people who have gone through the same experience, it just doesn’t get talked about. They’re not going to judge you.

“Don’t be embarrassed, they deal with this kind of stuff regularly – just go to the ER and get help. I decided to share it out of pure quarantine boredom, it’s given people a good laugh during lockdown.

“You’ll have party stories for the rest of your life – you’re always going to be the funniest person in the room, hands down.”

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