Photo Shows Harbour In UK That Appears Like Dolphin’s Head, Internet Amazed

Photo Shows Harbour In UK That Appears Like Dolphin's Head, Internet Amazed

The flora and fauna around the harbour gives it a distinct appearance.

A photographer has posted a beautiful photo on Facebook, of an island that looks like dolphin. Rhy Jones said he has been to Pwllheli harbour several times but never spotted its unique shape before. The picture has been posted on a Facebook forum called Pwllheli Drone Photos. The coastline of Wales is full of incredible wildlife – both on land and under the sea. Facebook users were amazed by the island’s resemblance to the mammal, saying the photo can’t be “unseen” now.

“I’ve been up several times above the marina but it’s the first time I’ve noticed this. It was an amazing discovery. Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it,” Mr Jones was quoted as saying by the BBC.

The outlet further said that the drone shot was taken at the start of the month.

The mammal’s nose has been created by a small stone breakwater jutting out into the sea and an eye from a small piece of shrubs.

The sand on the harbour is distributed in such a manner that it looks like the ‘dolphin’s head’. The sand curve slopes down towards a park-like structure.

The surrounding blue water and grey stone give the entire photo an exceptional colouring.

Facebook users were blown away by the unique photo. They posted several emojis to express their astonishment.

According to Visit Wales, Britain’s biggest resident population of dolphins lives in Cardigan Bay. As per the BBC, a pod of about 300 bottlenose dolphins in the region.

Harbour porpoise, one of the smallest species of cetacean – the category of mammals that includes whales and dolphins – can be seen around most of the Welsh coast.

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