Photographer cancels on bride the night before her wedding – but is praised for it

A wedding photographer says she was forced to cancel her services the night before a wedding after a bride didn’t get in contact with her until the big day, when she sent a raging email

Wedding photographer Shayla Herrington cancelled her services the night before (stock photo)
Wedding photographer Shayla Herrington cancelled her services the night before (stock photo)

Juggling the responsibilities of planning a wedding is undeniably stressful and it can be easy to slip up on other everyday tasks – like replying to messages. One bride reportedly did just this, except the messages were from her wedding photographer, which caused a big issue.

Photographer Shayla Herrington explained how she cancelled her services the night before a wedding as she was unable to get in contact with the bride-to-be. Questioning whether she was in the wrong, Shayla detailed her ordeal in a video, which has now surpassed a whopping 4.1 million views to date, on popular video-streaming service TikTok.

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She explained: “I cancelled my photography services the night before a bride’s wedding and this why..

“So, rewind to about three years ago and a bride enquired and she wanted me to do four hours of coverage for her ceremony and reception.

“I immediately got her on the phone and we talked about the details and she said that she hadn’t chosen a venue yet.

“She still wanted to book and I sent her my contract and my non refundable deposit, which she signed and paid.

After a few weeks went by, the photographer sent over the questionnaire, where the bride will then have a have a call to go over the venue details and timeline of the big day.

The bride-to-be never got back in contact with the photographer (stock photo)


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Shayla continued: “It had been a week since I sent her the questionnaire and I still heard nothing.

“I sent her a text with a Starbucks gift card and said, ‘hey, you must have a lot on your mind right now – go get yourself a coffee and try and get me that questionnaire as soon as you can’. She never responded.

“It had been another three or four days and I was getting a little concerned. At this point, I had no address and I had no idea where I’d be going.

“So, I try calling her and I also sent an email, and another text, but still no response.

“Fast forward and it is the night before the wedding. I have no idea what time I have to be at the wedding and I have no idea where I need to be.

“It felt like the bride was standing me up, but she paid her deposit. The night before the wedding I sent an email letting her know that our contract was void and that I could not perform my services. I had no information!

“She responded on the day of her wedding – she told me that was the most unprofessional thing she’s ever witnessed, she proceeded to write a bad review on Facebook, and I even gave her her deposit back.

“Was I in the wrong?” The photographer captioned her video, which sparked a string of responses in the comment section.

One person said: “I would’ve given it back subtract the amount of the gift card lol.”

A second wrote: “Wow that gift card was such a thoughtful way of handling that. What a personal, tactful touch!”

A third user commented: “The only part you did wrong, was to give her the NON REFUNDABLE deposit back. That just lets her think she got away with it.”

“Should not of refunded her the deposit as she failed to keep her end of the deal,” another agreed.

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