Pizza company mortified over ‘worst name ever’ after website blunder

A pizza company has been left mortified after an unfortunate blunder with the name of their website caused people to read their company’s name in a very different way

Welsh Italian Pizza's stall at the fair
People saw the company’s name as something very different

A pizza company was handed the title of having the “worst name ever” recently thanks to an unfortunate blunder with the name of their website – as customers accidentally read their name as something very different.

Welsh Italian Pizza attracted the attention of hungry customers when they pitched up at The BIG ICC Wales Wedding Fair on April 10, which was held at the International Convention Centre in Newport, South Wales.

And while they were poised and ready to serve their tasty dishes to the masses, it wasn’t their pizza that had people talking, but was instead the website URL that was printed on the front of their stall – as people saw and thought their business was called ‘Wel S**t Alian Pizza’.

The blunder caused people to read their name as ‘Well S**t Alian Pizza’


Kennedy News/Welsh Italian Pizza/Facebook)

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People on social media were left in stitches after a picture of the stall was shared online, with many referencing the infamous #susanalbumparty hashtag from 2012, which was supposed to promote Susan Boyle’s new material but left people giggling instead.

A spokesperson for Welsh Italian Pizza said the company hadn’t planned for the blunder and admitted they usually use different colours or camel case – in which you use capital letters at the start of each word – to make the distinction clearer.

They said: “We were aware you could read the URL differently if we didn’t use camel case or colours to separate the words, but we did feel it would bring a bit of fun to people when they spot it.

“It wasn’t originally planned like this as we do use camel case and colours to separate in most of our marketing.

“But for the gazebo, which is mainly aimed at street food events and festivals, we thought it would be a fun thing to do.”

The picture was shared on LinkedIn by someone who was attending the event, and some commenters said it took them several attempts before they actually read the name correctly.

One person wrote: “It took me several read-throughs of the domain name to work out where the spaces were really supposed to go.”

As another said: “That’s where a good marketer would have highlighted the hidden text in the proposed name once in digital format. Anyway, what’s Welsh about it? Can you get a welsh rarebit pizza?”

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