Police: Dispute over Xbox console causes man to stab friend with samurai sword

By Pamela Comme | WESH

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida (WESH) — Police are searching for a man accused of attacking his friend with a sword in Daytona Beach.

There is a warrant out for 35-year-old Walter Grimes. Police say he recently became homeless. They are working on locating him.

“I was walking out of my apartment and this guy came over to me and he said someone just got stabbed in the apartment he just came out of,” said the 911 caller, who seems to be a neighbor.

The call came in Monday night from the Daytona Beach apartment complex on South Beach Street after a man was reportedly struck with a samurai sword.

This all started over a gaming console police say the suspect wanted.

“He asked him if he was going to let him have his Xbox, and he said no,” said Jimmi Flynt, Daytona Beach Police PIO. “And I guess that must have upset the guy.”

Flynt said Grimes went over to hang out with his friend, but after he refused to give over his Xbox, Grimes got upset and swung the sword.

“And this is the second time and this will be the third time in my career that I’ve seen,” Flynt shared how unusual this incident was.

The victim had cuts in his face and shoulder, he was also struck in his hand.

Police said the victim was screaming when he walked out of the apartment. According to court documents, one neighbor heard the commotion and saw the victim covered in blood. He immediately called the police and the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries.

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